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Team guidelines

Our first priority when doing any job is adding value to our customers:

Think before doing any job - does this job add value to the customer and can I make the job in another way so it adds even more value to the customer

We try to think like the owners of our customers - not like the IT supplier

Thinking as the manager of our customers - one general rule applies for all jobs - time saved for customers employees is money earned for the customer.

We only use IT as a tool to help our customers become more efficient

We try to come up with suggestions of improvements as often as we can

You can count on us

We keep customers informed about deadlines and keep the deadlines (and if not inform the customer)

We have a high integrity

We are independant of any supplier

We only sell our own hours so the customers can be assured that we dont get any kickback from any suppliers. Therefore we can honestly say that we only offer impartial advice.

We make sure that customers understand that we are truly offering them the best advice they can get.

We are generalists

We have an extremely wide knowledge about all aspects of IT: Erp, servers, desktops, dtp, websites, vpn........ - this is why we are the best at spotting problems and offering advice - because we see the whole picture - and not just part of it as most specialists tend to do.

As we demand such a wide understanding of IT and so much knowledge - we have to only employ the best consultants in the market.

We are always up to date on new technologies/services - so that our customers can be the first to benefit from them. Examples: we were some of the first using Skype, we have been very early in adopting google sites, we used webvpn as soon as prices became interesting for our customers, we started with mails on mobiles as soon as the technology became available on exchange.

We are also specialists

Each of us in our own area ie. Kien on Domino/notes, Kasper on Navision, Anders on VMware, Quan on IPCheck..... - but we are all also generalists.

We embrace knowledge

We use our knowledge database (CE) to always update our knowledge (KB, phrases) so that all customers can benefit from experiences we have learned in one company.

We master google search and are always up to date on best sites to search solutions for specific problems.

We are nice

We are always polite and friendly with our customers - and know that using humor is very important in offering a better service.

We also expect our customers to be nice - and react politely but firmly when this is not the case - We take no shit from nobody - unless of cause when we deserve it.

We take action

We are aggressive in our attitude towards pushing our jobs through even though the users in our customers organization might be more reluctant to changes.
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