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Prentow Solutions offers rationalization projects tailored individually to each customer. Our rationalization projekcts are based upon: simplification of work processes, centralization of information and the use of simple checklists. Rationalization projects will typically be supported by adjustments in the customer's ERP system and mail/crm system. Prentow Solutions has know-how to make these adjustments in all the most popular ERP and mail systems so that rationalization projects can be implemented quickly and efficiently.

Below are some examples of rationalization projects conducted by Prentow Solutions:

- ERP integrated solution for automated mass dispatch of order confirmations and invoices via email and fax.

- Central activity management of production with the use of simple monitoring tools.

- Automated daily import of external data to the ERP systems - for example, salary costs and credit data.

- Automatic daily generation of reports and statistics based on ERP data - including automatic delivery of reports by email.
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