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IT outsourcing

Our primary goal when we take over IT operations for our customers has always been to ensure a stable IT environment, so that neither we nor our clients' resources are used in everyday problem-solving. This means that we and our customers can focus on the more interesting task of developing our customers' use of IT to better support their business processes and thereby contributing to increased rationalization.

The stability is guaranteed by many years of experience in IT solutions, combined with monitoring technologies that ensure intervention before serious problems arise.

Flexibility is ensured by use of remote control technologies that allow us access servers with problems, update computers and provide customer support, where and when it is needed. Furthermore, our working hours at our Vietnam office allow us to perform more time-consuming tasks on servers and computers outside of work hours in Denmark, so that users experience a minimal disruption in their work.

In addition, an IT outsourcing solution from Prentow Solutions is highly competitive - contact us for more information on
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